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A Decentralized order book AMM that is driving the development of DeFi DEX
Fusion Pool


Built on the Binance Smart Chain, SEEDx is an AMM that uses a limit and Market order book to provide instantaneous trades, pooled liquidity, and innovative yield-generating features.
All Basic Services on SEEDx platform is FREE to Enhance its usage among Crypto Community.

Is SEEDx different from other DEXs?

Without a centralized order book, other AMM DEXs and DeFi protocols may only trade with the liquidity available inside their local pools. Pairing of new tokens in DEXs is mandatory to give liquidity against their token, however with SEEDx pairing, there is no requirement for liquidity against token.

What can I do on SEEDx?

Trade and swap
Quickly exchanging tokens inside 0x liquidity Fusion pools is made possible using SEEDx's swap function, while more complex trading options, like as limit orders and Market Order, are made available via the DEX Interface. They enhance the user's shopping experience.
Earn SEEDx
In addition to the Scratching Reward and staking, there are other methods to acquire SEEDx tokens. There will be more more additions soon!
Seeding Power your project with SEEDx
Whether you want to launch on AcceleRaytor or have your project listed on SEEDx's Fusion pool, you may do it by creating a Fusion Pool.
SEEDx will be happy to provide a hand in your platform expansion and BSC feature supercharging efforts. Shake Hand